Donation to the Asthma Bay

On Tuesday, December 7, 2021, Rosita Pollard, President of The Asthma Association of Barbados (AAB), made a donation to the Asthma Bay of the QEH of seventy (70) Spacing Devices. Mrs. Colleen Holder, Operations Coordinator of the A&E Department accepted the donation. She expressed her thanks and appreciation to the AAB and stated that in the last two years 2020 to 2021 there has been a significant reduction in asthma cases presenting to the Asthma Bay, even during the ashfall. She noted that asthmatics were having less asthma attacks after using the spacing devices in conjunction with mask wearing. These spacing devices will be used when asthmatics present with mild cases and will be given to them free of cost to take home.




  1. Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease
  2. Inhaled corticosteroids play a vital role in the management of Asthma
  3. Patient care must be individualized, and based on patient characteristics, unique risk factors, patient preference and practical issues
  4. There are two fundamental components of Asthma management, namely, symptom control (to maintain physical activity, sleep undisturbed, and attend work/school) and minimization of risks (acute attacks, medication side effects and permanent airway damage)
  5. It is imperative the patients be taught Asthma self-management skills and are provided with a written Asthma Action Plan for “life-threatening, worsening, Asthma symptoms” 
  6. Every person with Asthma should know and avoid his/her Asthma triggers
  7. Recognition that practical tools (e.g. peak flow meters, use of spacers and Asthma symptom diaries) are important for assessment of both symptom control and risk factors for adverse outcomes   
  8. Common hindrances to “good Asthma control” should be addressed in the patient-physician interaction at office visits.  These include incorrect inhaler technique, poor adherence, socio-economic status and health literacy
  9. Asthma cannot be cured, but can be treated and controlled. People with asthma can attend school or work, exercise and have a full, productive life.