Who We Are


The AAB was officially launched in January 1990 following the first-ever seminar held in Barbados on Asthma in May 1989 by The Barbados Drug Service. The turnout was overwhelming and the need for an Association was realised at this seminar. Names and telephone numbers were collected and the first meeting was held in June 1989.
The AAB functions as a support group, and takes part in many health fairs and exhibitions. At health fairs, the AAB demonstrates the correct use of the Asthma inhaler, the Spacing Device, the Peak Flow Meter and also performs Peak Flow readings for asthmatics.



The AAB’s major programme is “The Primary Schools’ Asthma Awareness Project” where Spacing Devices and Peak Flow Meters are donated to parents of children with Asthma free of cost. This is done at PTA meetings following a lecture, which is delivered by a Paediatrician.

The AAB works closely with the Asthma Bay of the QEH and has donated these devices to the Bay, as well as the Paediatric Clinic and the Respiratory Unit of the QEH. Donations have also been made to the QEH Ambulance Service as well as the Sparman Ambulance Service.